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12 passengers injured on Qatar Airways flight to Dublin after experiencing extreme turbulence, resulting in ripped clothes and staff being thrown in the air.



Passengers aboard a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Dublin experienced terrifying moments of turbulence as the plane suddenly dropped hundreds of feet without warning. Twelve people were injured in the incident, eight of whom were taken to the hospital upon landing in Dublin. Passengers described the chaos inside the cabin, with flight attendants being thrown into the air and hitting the ceiling. The turbulence occurred as the flight passed over Iraq and into Turkish airspace, causing panic among passengers and crew members.

Upon landing in Dublin, emergency services were waiting to assist the injured passengers, with ambulances transporting those requiring hospitalization. The flight attendants continued to work despite their injuries, commended by passengers for their dedication. One passenger shared how he had to grab onto the seat in front of him and put on his seatbelt to brace for the turbulence. Another described the experience as similar to a rollercoaster drop, with food and drinks scattered throughout the cabin.

Dublin Airport confirmed that all passengers were assessed for injuries before disembarking, with eight individuals taken to the hospital for further treatment. Qatar Airways released a statement confirming the safe landing of the flight and stating that a small number of passengers and crew members sustained minor injuries. An internal investigation is underway to understand the cause of the turbulence and ensure the safety of future flights.

This incident comes after a Singapore Airlines flight from Heathrow to Singapore encountered severe turbulence, resulting in the death of a British passenger and injuries to over 100 individuals. Geoffrey Kitchen, a 73-year-old musical theatre director, passed away from a suspected heart attack during the turbulence, while his wife was hospitalized with serious spinal injuries. The Singapore Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Bangkok after plummeting 6,000 feet in just three minutes, causing chaos onboard.

In the aftermath of the Singapore Airlines incident, authorities in Thailand confirmed that 71 people were sent to the hospital, with 20 individuals placed in intensive care. Multiple surgeries were performed to address the injuries sustained by passengers and crew members during the sudden turbulence. Passengers described the moment of the drop as shocking and terrifying, with little warning before the aircraft began to descend rapidly.

Both the Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines incidents highlight the importance of airline safety and preparedness in handling unexpected turbulence. As investigations continue into the causes of these incidents, passengers are reminded of the importance of following safety protocols, including keeping seatbelts fastened at all times. Airlines are continuously working to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers, with ongoing training and safety measures in place to address potential risks during flights. As air travel remains a common mode of transportation, passenger safety continues to be a top priority for airlines and aviation authorities worldwide.

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