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£132,000 farmhouse on the brink of 150ft cliff starts demolition as owner evacuated – neighbor vows to stay until his death.



The demolition of a three-bedroom property hanging over a 150ft cliff edge in north Norfolk has begun. The property, Cliff Farm in Trimingham, has been left empty since its owner, Steve McCormack, was forced to evacuate. The demolition is being organized by the North Norfolk District Council and started with the garage and shed. However, Mr. McCormack’s neighbor, Martin Collingwood, is refusing to leave his home, vowing to stay until he leaves ‘in a coffin’. Recent heavy rainfall has accelerated erosion in the cliffs at Trimingham, leading to frequent landslides.

The house, which dates back to the 18th century, was purchased by Mr. McCormack five years ago at an auction for £132,000. The property was teetering dangerously close to the cliff edge due to severe coastal erosion. Specialists used heavy machinery to pull down the house to avoid it collapsing onto the beach below. The rapid erosion in Trimingham has led to parts of the cliff falling into the sea, endangering properties along the coast. Despite efforts to slow down erosion by planting seeds along the cliffs and draining water, the coastline continues to disappear rapidly, causing distress to homeowners in the area.

Mr. McCormack’s neighbor, Martin Collingwood, is also facing the prospect of his home, Windy Ridge, being torn down due to the eroding cliffs. Living alone with the help of carers, Mr. Collingwood maintains that he will only leave his home ‘in a coffin’. Residents in Trimingham blame poor water drainage rather than the impact of the sea for the rapid erosion of the cliffs. The local council has arranged for specialist contractors to safely demolish properties at risk of collapsing due to erosion. Efforts have been made to plant seeds and drain water from the cliffs to mitigate erosion, but the coastline continues to erode at an alarming rate.

The demolition of the 18th-century farmhouse at Cliff Farm has deeply affected Mr. McCormack, who is heartbroken over losing his home. The house, which offered spectacular views over the bay below, was a place of solace for him. Despite facing the loss of his property, Mr. McCormack is determined to sort out the situation and move forward. The demolition of the property was a necessary step to prevent it from falling onto the beach below, endangering lives and spreading debris over a wide area.

The North Norfolk District Council has taken the lead in overseeing the demolition of properties at risk of collapsing due to erosion. The council has worked with specialist contractors to safely bring down structures like Cliff Farm and Windy Ridge to protect residents and prevent potential hazards. Local residents have expressed frustration with the lack of adequate defenses against coastal erosion, urging councils and government authorities to take more proactive measures to safeguard properties along the coastline. Despite efforts to slow down erosion, the rapid disappearance of the coastline in Norfolk continues to pose a threat to homes and communities, necessitating swift action to ensure the safety of residents in vulnerable areas.

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