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17 Comforting Recipes to Bring to a Friend Who Is Grieving



When a friend is going through a loss, you want to do anything you can to make them feel even just a tiny bit better—but it can be difficult to know exactly what they need. Everything from basic grooming to remembering to eat can be that much more difficult, which is why stepping in to take some of the little tasks off their plate is a good place to start.

You may not be able to brush their teeth for them—though you probably would if you could—but you can make sure they don’t need to worry about feeding themselves or their family. And loading up their fridge and freezer with ready-to-go meals is a great way to do it. Not only will it give them one less thing to think about, it’ll also ensure they’ve got something tasty and easy to turn to, even if they’re struggling with the reduced or non-existent appetite that’s a common part of the grieving process, Cara Harbstreet, MS, RD, of Street Smart Nutrition, tells SELF.

Casseroles are always a safe bet, but they’re not the only kind of dish that holds up well to this task. You can also turn to everything from soups to stews or even components of a meal that are particularly pricey or time-consuming—big batches of cooked proteins like pulled pork and chicken meatballs, for example. Sticking to a ballpark of things they’re familiar with can be helpful, since not only can this be extra comforting, but it can also be physiologically soothing too. Sometimes your GI system can be all out of whack during grief, so anything that can compound that (like super spicy foods or unfamiliar seasonings) might end up making you feel worse, Harbstreet says. Similarly, label each dish with any allergens it contains so it’s not on your friend to inquire, she says.

The best dishes transport easily, reheat well, are full of soothing flavors and textures, and offer a bunch of servings to your friend in need. Here are 17 recipe ideas that put that all into practice—they’re the epitome of comfort, and will help you show your support to a grieving friend when words just aren’t enough.

Source: Self

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