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2024 SELF Healthy Beauty Awards: Top Body Care Products



Looking for the best hair removal tools to achieve smooth, hair-free skin? Look no further than the Answr Exfoliating Hair Removal Drop. This unique teardrop-shaped product looks like a pumice stone with a smooth texture and works by rubbing its glass side over dry skin in circular motions to remove body hair and dead skin cells. One tester raved about the results, saying her skin had never looked so hairless.

For a traditional shaving option, try the Billie Pink Sparkle Razor Starter Kit. This razor features a super-moisturizing coating around its blades, eliminating the need for shaving cream. The kit also comes with a convenient holder that sticks to your shower wall, making storage a breeze. Users praised the aloe moisturizer on the razor head for a smooth, comfortable shave.

If you prefer a luxe shaving experience, consider the EOS Cashmere Shave Oil. This oil-based formula stays on your skin, providing a moisturizing barrier while you shave. Packed with glycerin, jojoba seed, coconut oils, and shea and cocoa butters, this shave oil earned high marks from testers for its skin-conditioning properties. Just be aware of its strong, vanilla-y fragrance.

For those looking to tackle body hair with a waxing option, the Crybaby Wax I’m Sensitive Meltdown Vegan Hard Wax is a top choice. This at-home waxing kit is designed for sensitive skin and comes with clear instructions for ease of use. Testers noted that the wax went on smoothly and removed hair efficiently, providing long-lasting results without the need for frequent shaving.

To achieve smooth, glowing skin before hair removal, reach for the European Wax Center EWC Treat Get Smooth Skin Clearing Body Polish. This gritty scrub helps to exfoliate and remove buildup, leaving skin soft and prepped for hair removal and lotion absorption. Whether your skin is looking dull or in need of a self-tan removal, this body scrub will leave you with silky-smooth skin.

Overall, finding the best hair removal tools and products is essential for achieving smooth, hair-free skin. Whether you prefer shaving, waxing, or exfoliating, there are options available to suit your needs. From innovative hair removal drops to moisturizing razors and luxurious shave oils, these top picks will help you achieve the smooth, hair-free skin you desire.

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