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7 Shin Splint Stretches to Improve Leg Comfort



Shin splints are a common issue for runners, caused by overuse and high-impact activities like running or HIIT training. The repeated force from these activities can lead to irritation and pain in the shin bone and attached muscles. Shin splints can occur in two different spots: Medial shin splints on the inner front part of the tibia, and anterior shin splints on the outside front. Muscle imbalances, particularly calf tightness, in the lower legs and ankles can also contribute to shin splints.

When dealing with shin splints, a multi-pronged approach is key. Regular strength training to keep the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and front shin muscles strong can help alleviate strain on the shins and surrounding tendons. Stretching plays a crucial role in preventing shin splints and easing discomfort. Incorporating dynamic ankle and lower-body stretches into warm-ups, as well as static stretches into cool-downs, can help maintain balance in the lower half. Additionally, stretching the lower legs (with a focus on the shins and calves) two to three times a week as a standalone routine is important for maintenance and prevention.

If you’re uncertain about which stretches to incorporate into your routine, there are several effective stretches for shin splints to try. These stretches can help keep shin splints at bay and reduce discomfort. It is essential to find time to include these stretches in your workout program to avoid the annoying issue of shin splints. By consistently incorporating strength training and stretching, you can help prevent shin splints and keep your running routine uninterrupted.

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