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7M Dancer Miranda Derrick Reacts to the Docuseries ‘Dancing For the Devil’



Miranda Derrick has recently broken her silence following the release of the Netflix docuseries Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, which focuses on her life. The series delves into Miranda’s family’s claims that she is stuck in a cult run by Robert Shinn, the pastor at Shekinah Church in Los Angeles and the founder of 7M Films. Miranda, 27, released a statement via Instagram stating that she is not a victim, not in any harm, and not being abused. She also expressed her belief that the documentary presents a one-sided story and detailed a fallout with her family.

In the docuseries, Shinn is accused of sexual assault by multiple women. Miranda clarified that while her parents’ and sister’s views are portrayed in the series, she believes it is a one-sided story. She mentioned that she asked her family for space to focus on her relationship with God after dedicating her life to Jesus Christ and was disappointed by their overbearing behavior. Miranda, who is married to fellow 7M dancer James Derrick, also revealed a fallout with her sister and their shared social media account.

Despite previous claims about being unaware of Miranda’s wedding to James, her new statement indicates that she and her family are working towards reconciliation. She emphasized the challenges created by the documentary and the need to overcome this public attack. Miranda also expressed her displeasure at being portrayed in a negative light and emphasized that she is not a victim, not in harm, and not being abused. She highlighted the privacy she would have preferred in her family’s circumstances but felt compelled to defend herself in light of the docuseries.

The show follows several dancers and their families as they seek answers regarding Shinn’s alleged misconduct. Recordings from his church services reveal attempts to alienate members from their non-affiliated family members. Shinn is also accused of exploiting social media stars financially by requiring significant donations to himself and Shekinah. Miranda’s statement seeks to set the record straight and emphasize her agency and well-being amidst the controversies surrounding the docuseries. She continues to navigate the fallout from the public scrutiny and work towards repairing relationships with her family.

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