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Adrienne Maloof from RHOBH remembers when her son was almost kidnapped as a baby



Adrienne Maloof, former star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, recently shared a chilling story about one of her sons almost being kidnapped as a baby nearly 20 years ago. During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, she recounted the incident, revealing that a woman attempted to snatch her son from her nanny’s arms while they were on a shopping trip. Luckily, Maloof’s security team was able to intervene quickly and stop the woman before she could get away.

The reality star, now 62, did not specify which of her sons was almost taken, but it is believed to be her oldest son, Gavin, who is now 20. Maloof emphasized how frighteningly fast the kidnapping attempt happened, with the woman grabbing her son and heading towards the elevator within seconds. She expressed gratitude for her security team and acknowledged how different the outcome could have been if they had not been there to help.

Since that scary incident, Maloof’s sons have grown up safely and are now entering adulthood. She shares her three sons with her ex-husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, whom she was married to from 2002 to 2013. Despite their divorce, Maloof and Nassif have remained amicable co-parents, celebrating milestones like their twins’ high school graduation and Gavin’s move to college.

Nassif has opened up about the impact that being on a reality show like RHOBH had on their marriage, suggesting that it may have accelerated their eventual split. He has since found success on Botched, a show about plastic surgery that he co-hosts with Dr. Terry Dubrow. Nassif has also expressed hesitation about returning to reality TV with his current wife, as he believes it could put a strain on their relationship.

The story of Maloof’s son’s close call with kidnapping serves as a reminder of how quickly frightening situations can unfold, and the importance of having security measures in place to protect loved ones. Maloof’s experience highlights the potential risks that come with being in the public eye and the need for vigilance to ensure the safety of oneself and loved ones. Overall, the incident serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of staying alert and prepared, especially in high-profile situations where the risk of danger may be higher.

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