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After Wedding Brawl Lands Groom, Best Man, and Guests in Jail, Lavish Ceremony Proceeds Smoothly



A British construction boss recently managed to celebrate his dream Majorcan wedding despite facing two nights in jail after an alcohol-fueled brawl during his stag do. Groom Connor Lorimer and seven friends were arrested at a luxury beach club in Palma, just two days before his nuptials were set to take place. The group was detained due to their involvement in a fight that left several waiters and two Spanish police officers injured. After paying €1,000 each for bail, they were released the following morning, allowing the wedding to go ahead as planned.

The couple tied the knot at the rustic Es Riquers Hotel in Majorca, where they celebrated with guests who were handed personalized cocktail bottles engraved with their names and the names of legendary West Ham United players. The celebrations saw a jazz saxophonist perform and reality TV star Jack Woods in attendance. However, their happiness may be short-lived as they face the possibility of returning to Majorca for a criminal trial if prosecutors decide to press charges over the brawl that led to their arrests.

The brawl allegedly began when the British group, celebrating at the beach club, started throwing trash into the sea and turned aggressive when staff intervened. A waiter who was injured in the clashes described the situation as ‘a battle’ and explained that tensions escalated when the group failed to comply with restaurant rules. The situation spiraled out of control when the group became physical with staff and other patrons, resulting in a chaotic scene that was captured on video.

Following the incident, other staff members expressed concern about the implications of such behavior on local tourism. They highlighted the negative impact of unruly tourists on the island’s reputation and the safety of workers in the hospitality industry. The waiter injured during the brawl expressed fear about returning to work and apprehension about the potential consequences of such incidents on the local community. He emphasized the importance of addressing these issues to prevent further disruptions to the tourism industry in Majorca.

The incident occurred against a backdrop of ongoing anti-tourist protests on the island, with locals expressing discontent over the effects of overtourism. The brawl involving the British tourists further fueled tensions between residents and holidaymakers, prompting concerns about the sustainability of tourism in Majorca. The waiter stressed the need for a resolution to these issues to avoid reaching a point of no return, where the negative impact on local communities outweighs the benefits of tourism. The incident serves as a cautionary tale of the consequences of irresponsible behavior by tourists on the island.

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