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Amazon extends ongoing offer for Grubhub food delivery perk to Prime members



Amazon and Grubhub have decided to extend their food delivery partnership permanently for Prime members in the U.S. This deal offers free access to a Grubhub+ membership, valued at $120 a year, including no added delivery fees on eligible orders over $12 and 5% credit back on pick-up orders. Prime members will now be able to order directly from Grubhub on and the Amazon shopping app, with an experience identical to the one on Grubhub’s website and app.

Initially announced as a one-year trial in July 2022, the partnership was meant to convert to a paid Grubhub+ membership for Prime members. However, Prime members paying $139 per year will now have continued free access to Grubhub+ as long as they remain Prime members. Grubhub, which faces competition from DoorDash, Uber Eats, and others in the restaurant food delivery space, is working to solidify its position with this partnership as Amazon had previously exited the food delivery business in 2019 when it shut down Amazon Restaurants.

Amid the height of the pandemic, Just Eat Takeaway (JET) acquired Grubhub in a deal first announced in 2020. This acquisition has positioned Grubhub to expand its reach and compete with other major players in the food delivery industry. By offering Prime members continued access to Grubhub+ for free, Amazon is further solidifying its presence in the food delivery market and providing added value to Prime memberships. This strategic partnership benefits both Amazon and Grubhub as they seek to capture a larger share of the growing food delivery industry.

As more consumers opt for the convenience of food delivery services, Amazon and Grubhub’s partnership aims to capitalize on this trend and capture a larger audience. By offering Prime members free access to Grubhub+, Amazon is providing an additional incentive for customers to sign up for Prime memberships and utilize the benefits of both platforms. This partnership also highlights the growing importance of online food delivery services in the overall retail industry, as consumers increasingly rely on these services for their dining needs.

By extending the food delivery partnership permanently, Amazon and Grubhub are signaling their commitment to providing a seamless and convenient experience for customers. Prime members can now enjoy the benefits of Grubhub+ without incurring any additional costs, further enhancing the value of their Prime memberships. This partnership not only benefits Prime members but also strengthens the position of Grubhub in the competitive food delivery market, as it gains access to Amazon’s vast customer base and distribution network.

In conclusion, the extension of the food delivery partnership between Amazon and Grubhub is a strategic move that benefits both companies and their customers. By offering Prime members free access to Grubhub+, Amazon is enhancing the value of Prime memberships and providing customers with added convenience and benefits. This partnership highlights the growing importance of online food delivery services in the retail industry and underscores the competitive nature of the market. With this extended partnership, Amazon and Grubhub are well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for food delivery services and expand their reach in the industry.

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