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Amazon to close warehouse near Seattle, will provide new job opportunities for workers



Amazon has decided to close down a warehouse located in Tukwila, Washington, which is just south of Seattle. The closure of this facility, known as UWA5, will result in the layoff of 172 employees. However, Amazon spokesperson, Sam Stephenson, mentioned that affected employees will be provided with opportunities to transfer to other nearby facilities or receive support if they choose not to stay with Amazon. This decision is part of Amazon’s ongoing evaluation of its network to ensure it aligns with its business needs and enhances the experience for employees, customers, partners, and drivers.

Currently, Amazon employs a total of 75,000 people in the Seattle region, with a majority being corporate and tech workers, as part of its expansive global workforce of 1.52 million individuals. The company has experienced a 4% year-over-year increase in its global headcount as of March 31st. During a recent call with reporters following its first-quarter earnings release, Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky attributed the growth in headcount to the company’s warehouse-related operations. This indicates that Amazon is prioritizing the development and optimization of its facility network to meet the increasing demand for its services.

In order to enhance its delivery capabilities and meet customer expectations, Amazon has been focusing on improving its regional fulfilment centers. Recent reports have indicated that the company set new records for Prime delivery speeds in the first three months of this year. Amazon executive, Doug Herrington, highlighted a strategic shift towards dividing the country into smaller regions that are easier to reach, resulting in more efficient order fulfilment. Additionally, Amazon has plans to double the number of its smaller same-day delivery facilities in the coming years to further improve the speed and efficiency of its delivery operations.

It is worth noting that Amazon had to lay off 27,000 corporate workers last year as part of its restructuring efforts. However, these cuts did not impact warehouse jobs, indicating the company’s continued focus on maintaining and expanding its operational capacity. Amidst these changes, Amazon remains committed to optimizing its network of facilities to drive growth and improve overall customer experience. By making strategic decisions such as closing down older sites, enhancing existing facilities, and opening new sites, Amazon aims to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape while ensuring the well-being of its workforce. This approach underscores Amazon’s dedication to innovation and operational excellence in the ever-changing retail industry.

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