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Animoca Brands Japan debuts NFT launchpad ‘SORAH’



Animoca Brands Japan, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is set to launch its NFT launchpad, SORAH, in the summer of 2024. This platform will serve as a hub for selling NFTs to support various projects and creators. Selected NFT projects will receive marketing support and sales options, while users can take advantage of loyalty programs that offer benefits associated with using SORAH.

Through SORAH, Animoca Brands Japan aims to bridge the gap between Japan and the global community by promoting Japanese IP like manga and anime and generating content that appeals to a global audience. Kensuke Amo, the COO of Animoca Brands Japan, emphasized the company’s commitment to developing Japan’s intellectual property in the Web3 space. The launchpad will accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies and strengthen connections between Japan and the international Web3 community.

Payment on SORAH will be accepted through credit cards and cryptocurrencies, with support from platforms like Ethereum and Polygon. Users can store their NFTs in wallets like Metamask and WalletConnect, with ERC-721 as the token standard. This initiative is part of Animoca Brands’ mission to support international projects involving Japan’s intellectual property and content creators in various industries.

As a leading Web3 business, Animoca Brands is dedicated to promoting the development of Japan’s intellectual property and content creators across different sectors. SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan will provide a platform for creators to showcase their NFT projects and reach a global audience. By leveraging blockchain technology and loyalty programs, users can engage with NFTs and enjoy various benefits within the SORAH ecosystem.

By investing in creative activities like SORAH, Animoca Brands Japan aims to strengthen its position as a key player in the NFT space and establish itself as a gateway connecting Japan to the international Web3 community. With the launch of SORAH, Animoca Brands Japan is poised to revolutionize the way NFTs are bought, sold, and promoted, while also fostering collaboration between Japanese creators and the global market.

In conclusion, the launch of SORAH by Animoca Brands Japan underscores the company’s commitment to supporting Japan’s intellectual property and content creators in the Web3 space. By offering a platform for NFT sales and promoting Japanese IP, Animoca Brands Japan aims to drive innovation, collaboration, and international engagement within the NFT ecosystem.

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