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Answered: All Your Burning Health Questions About ‘Survivor’



Benjamin “Coach” Wade, a renowned competitor on Survivor, has appeared on three seasons that have garnered a massive following from die-hard fans: Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains, and South Pacific. He reveals that during his time on the show, there were restrictions on the medications contestants could bring with them to camp. Although some medications were allowed with prior approval from production, others were strictly prohibited. For instance, medications like Ambien and Xanax were not permitted. Over-the-counter medications were limited, and contestants were provided with basic supplements like calcium tablets and multivitamins.

One of the concerns many have about living in such primitive conditions on Survivor is oral hygiene. Contestants typically resort to using natural materials like palm fronds, bamboo stems, or even their fingernails to clean their teeth. The lack of modern dental hygiene tools often results in mossy and dirty teeth among castaways. Despite the challenges, contestants must find ways to maintain some level of oral hygiene to prevent dental issues during their time on the show.

Surviving in the tropical environment of Survivor also poses challenges in terms of sun exposure and insect bites. While contestants are not shown using sunscreen or bug spray on camera, these products are actually provided by production and kept in the medical box at camp. The combined bug and sun protection offered to contestants is described as a “Jack of all trades, master of none,” providing some level of protection from sunburn and bugs, but not completely effective. Contestants often find themselves covered in bug bites due to the relentless insect population in the area.

Living among wild animals and potentially toxic plant life raises concerns about encountering dangerous substances. However, production takes precautions to ensure the safety of contestants. Potable water is provided in a container with a lid to prevent contamination from insects or other hazardous elements. Despite the protective measures in place, living in such close proximity to the wilderness still poses risks that contestants must navigate during their time on the show.

Overall, the survival challenges faced by contestants on Survivor go beyond the strategic gameplay and alliances. Tackling basic needs like medication access, oral hygiene, sun protection, and insect bites add another layer of difficulty to the already demanding conditions of the show. Contestants like Coach and Chong share their experiences of adapting to the lack of modern amenities and finding creative solutions to everyday challenges in the wild. As fans continue to watch the show for its competitive nature, they also gain insight into the resilience and resourcefulness required to thrive in extreme environments like those depicted on Survivor.

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