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Are Lululemon Leggings Shrinking in Size?



Lululemon shoppers have recently raised concerns about the sizing and quality of the brand’s activewear, particularly when it comes to leggings. A thread on the r/lululemon subreddit pointed out that some customers are noticing a discrepancy in sizes, with many feeling that the clothing has become smaller. Some people have reported needing to size up in leggings and tops despite not gaining weight or changing their body size. This has left many customers feeling frustrated and confused, as they struggle to find the right fit.

One long-time Lululemon shopper, Stella, shared her own experience with the brand’s sizing inconsistencies. She mentioned that she has noticed a change in the brand’s garments over the past 6 to 10 years, with an even bigger shift since 2020. Stella expressed her frustration with the varying sizes between different legging models, stating that a size 6 in one style could be equivalent to a size 14 in another. This disparity has made it much harder for her to shop at Lululemon than it was before, causing her to feel disillusioned with the brand.

Another customer, Maddie Ball, encountered a sizing issue when trying to resell a pair of Wunder Under high-rise leggings on Poshmark. The buyer thought the leggings were fake because they were so small and had a different texture compared to authentic Lululemon leggings. Maddie suspects that the mistaken buyer may have received leggings from a different line of Lulu clothing, but she acknowledged that the pair did seem unusually small. This incident highlights the confusion and frustration that many customers are experiencing when it comes to Lululemon’s sizing.

In addition to the sizing discrepancies, customers like Stella have also raised concerns about the decline in quality of Lululemon’s activewear. Stella mentioned that her first pair of leggings, purchased over 15 years ago, are still in mint condition despite years of use. However, she feels that the quality of Lululemon’s leggings has changed drastically, with newer pieces not living up to the durability and longevity of her older purchases. This sentiment is echoed by other customers who have noticed a decrease in the quality of Lululemon’s clothing over time.

Overall, the sizing and quality issues faced by Lululemon customers have left many feeling disappointed and frustrated. The brand’s loyal customers, like Stella, are struggling to navigate the inconsistencies in sizes between different styles and models of leggings. Additionally, concerns about the decline in quality have further fueled dissatisfaction among shoppers. As Lululemon addresses these issues, it will be crucial for the brand to listen to customer feedback and make necessary improvements to regain the trust and loyalty of its customer base.

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