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Arizona clinches Pac-12 title with walk-off single in final conference event; announcer bids emotional goodbye.



The Pac-12, an iconic college sports conference formed over a century ago, is coming to an end as 10 out of its 12 schools prepare to join other leagues. Only Oregon State and Washington State will remain in the conference after the 2024-25 academic year. The final championship game between USC and Arizona ended in a dramatic fashion, with the Wildcats winning on a walk-off single. Roxy Bernstein, a network announcer, bid farewell to the Pac-12 on the network’s final live broadcast, expressing the significance of the conference and its history of champions.

The Pac-12 network has been a significant part of college sports for the past 12 years, providing coverage of various games and events. Bernstein, reflecting on his time with the network since its launch, emphasized the importance of the Pac-12 in his heart and soul, as well as its unmatched history and legacy as the Conference of Champions. Despite having time to process the news of the conference’s breakup, the emotional impact is still fresh for many associated with the Pac-12, with the string of memories bound to last.

The breakup of the Pac-12 will see Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah moving to the Big 12, while UCLA, USC, Oregon, and Washington will join the Big 10. Cal and Stanford will be part of the ACC, marking a significant shift in the landscape of college sports. The departure of these schools from the Pac-12 marks the end of an era, with memories of thrilling games and iconic moments still fresh in the minds of fans and players who have been part of the conference.

The Pac-12 has been a powerhouse in college sports, with a rich history of athletic achievements and memorable competitions. The conference’s final baseball championship game between USC and Arizona captured the essence of the Pac-12, ending in a dramatic fashion that reflected the competitiveness and spirit of the teams. As the conference bids farewell, the legacy of the Pac-12 as a symbol of excellence and champions will continue to resonate in the world of college sports.

The announcement of the breakup of the Pac-12 stirred a mix of emotions among fans, players, and announcers like Bernstein, who have been closely associated with the conference. The news of the schools’ departure to other leagues marked a significant turning point in the history of college sports, with each school embarking on a new chapter in their athletic journey. The impact of this change will be felt for years to come, as the Pac-12 leaves behind a legacy that has shaped the landscape of college sports for generations.

The Pac-12’s legacy as the Conference of Champions will live on in the memories of fans, players, and announcers who have been part of its history. The breakup of the conference marks the end of an era but also opens the door to new opportunities for schools to compete in different leagues. As fans and players bid farewell to the Pac-12, they will carry with them the cherished memories of iconic games, historic moments, and the spirit of competition that defined the conference for over a century.

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