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Arizona woman who poisoned her Air Force husband’s coffee with bleach avoids prison



An Arizona woman, Melody Felicano Johnson, recently admitted to poisoning her Air Force husband by pouring bleach into his coffee but is avoiding jail time. She pleaded guilty to two counts of poisoning food or drink for putting trace amounts of bleach into husband Roby Johnson’s coffee maker on two separate occasions in July 2023. The court sentenced her to a probation sentence that includes mandatory mental health treatment and prohibits her from having contact with her husband unless a legal team is present. Roby Johnson suspected his wife was trying to kill him to collect death benefits.

Initially, Melody Johnson was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, and adding harmful substances to food, drink, or medicine. However, she agreed to a plea deal and pleaded guilty to two counts of the lesser felony of adding poison or a harmful substance to food or drink. The couple have a child together and were going through a divorce at the time she tried to poison her husband. Roby began to notice his coffee tasted odd while stationed in Germany and eventually discovered high levels of chlorine in the drink using pool testing strips.

Roby decided to set up hidden cameras in their home to catch his wife in the act of poisoning his coffee. The camera captured Melody pouring bleach into the coffee, prompting him to report the incident to the Tucson Police Department. However, police did not initially follow up on the report due to unclear footage. Roby set up a second camera disguised as a fire alarm, which captured his wife pouring bleach into the coffee machine before brewing. Melody was then detained on July 18 as a result of the additional video evidence. They were stationed in Germany at the time but returned to the U.S. in late June before Melody was arrested.

Overall, Melody Felicano Johnson’s case highlights the seriousness of poisoning incidents, especially within a marital relationship. The use of hidden cameras by Roby Johnson to catch his wife in the act demonstrates the pressures and suspicions that can arise during a divorce. It also showcases the importance of gathering concrete evidence before reporting a crime to authorities. The court’s decision to sentence Melody to probation and mandatory mental health treatment rather than jail time has sparked debate and outrage among the public. This case serves as a reminder of the complexities and implications of domestic situations and the lengths individuals may go to seek revenge or financial gain.

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