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Check Out The Toyota Toilet That Was Three Years In The Making



Yes, there will be plenty of jokes surrounding this story. But before the toilet humor commences, let us first applaud Toyota for creating a legitimately awesome solution for folks who can’t get around as easily as most. Nobody likes using the porta-potty at public events, but imagine the difficulties for someone in a wheelchair. This Toyota Toilet solves that conundrum, and with a bit of style no less.

It all started back in 2019. The folks in Toyota’s Vision Design Division were given the unlikely task of designing a toilet, but not simply a plastic booth with a Toyota logo. The request was for a toilet that could be mobile and easily accessible to those with special needs. Wheelchair users obviously come to mind, and with outdoor toilets at temporary venues seldom user-friendly for anyone, the Japanese automaker felt obligated to go a few steps beyond the requirements.

The result is what you see here. A prototype was slated for testing at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, though COVID pushed that timeframe to 2021 when the games were held. It incorporated features such as a seat a few centimeters higher than normal, to better accommodate a wide range of users and their needs. Railings were installed in such a manner as to allow 360-degree wheelchair turns. A bright interior design with skylights created a warm, inviting space but it turned out to be something of a dud. Light-colored floors easily showed marks from wheelchairs, and it could get a bit slick. Toyota revised the design with darker, textured floors.

As for portability, the original design called for a self-propelled potty that could be taken to venues but it was recast as a trailer for simplicity. That doesn’t mean the toilet design was simple, however. Keeping it light enough to tow without special licenses or permits was paramount, so Toyota utilized a foam-type construction sandwiched between thin metal, similar to refrigerated trailers. A low-volume water system similar to those used on Japan’s bullet trains was developed, significantly reducing water usage.

According to Toyota Times, revisions are still taking place today. Following a deployment at the 2022 World Rally Championship event in Japan, users commented that a power-operated door would make things considerably easier, along with a simple locking mechanism.

While Toyota’s detractors will no doubt find humor in a toilet with Toyota Gazoo Racing branding, this does help folks who aren’t quite as mobile enjoy outdoor activities – like motorsports – that many of us take for granted. Here’s hoping more of these facilities come into play in the months and years to come.

Source: motor1


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