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BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt facing bankruptcy after receiving petition from HMRC



Charlie Stayt, the star of BBC Breakfast, and his wife, actress Annie Breckell, are facing bankruptcy after being served a petition by HMRC. Their company, Stayt Limited, filed their accounts in December last year, revealing they were £6,409 in debt. The couple, who live in a £2.3 million home in Twickenham, South West London, were threatened with bankruptcy by the government agency. Charlie has been a host on BBC Breakfast since 2006 and has taken over as the main weekday host following Dan Walker’s departure in April 2022.

Stayt Limited, the couple’s company, is involved in television programming and broadcasting activities. Charlie and Annie purchased their Twickenham home in 2002 for £800,000, and it has since increased in value to approximately £2.3 million. The couple has been together for over 20 years and has two grown-up children, Pheobe and Jake, who still live at home with them. Charlie’s career began at ITN in 1995 before he moved to Five News, where he eventually hosted prime-time bulletins.

Recently, Charlie faced criticism for his interview with Labour shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves on BBC Breakfast. Viewers took issue with his line of questioning, which included probing Reeves about her relationship with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. Some social media users criticized Charlie’s interviewing style, accusing him of interrupting and being patronizing. Despite the backlash, Charlie continues to host BBC Breakfast and maintain a successful career in broadcasting.

Charlie Stayt received a private education at The King’s School in Gloucester before starting his career in radio and television. He worked at ITN and Five News before moving to Sky News. In addition to his news work, Charlie has also dabbled in reality TV, hosting shows like Jailbreak and appearing as a contestant on The Weakest Link. Unlike some of his BBC Breakfast co-stars who have relocated to Salford, Manchester, Charlie has remained in the South.

Representatives for Charlie and the BBC have not yet commented on the situation. While facing financial difficulties, Charlie Stayt continues to be a prominent figure in television broadcasting, known for his work on BBC Breakfast and other television programs. Despite the challenges he is currently facing, Charlie’s career and reputation in the industry remain strong, showcasing his resilience and dedication to his craft.

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