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Bentley's Gas-Only V-8 Engine Is Almost Dead



Not only is Bentley calling time on the venerable W-12, but it’s also signaling the beginning of the end for the gasoline-only V-8. The new Edition 8 lineup comprises the Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, and the Flying Spur as the last of their kind with a gasoline-only V-8. Seeing the glass half full, the pure V-8 will continue in the Bentayga. It’s unclear for how long, though.

Bentley says the Edition 8 was specifically created for the North American market, but the three cars are also losing their gas-only V-8 setups in other markets. The UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa are bidding adieu as well to the twin-turbo 4.0-liter without hybrid assistance. Other markets will follow. It’s basically now or never to order a Continental GT/GTC or a Flying Spur that eschews electrification for the V-8.

The Edition 8 trio is available in more than 60 colors through the Mulliner bespoke division. These cars come with 22-inch wheels in five- or ten-spoke designs and self-leveling center caps. Bentley says these are the most “lavishly equipped” versions, complete with a jewel-like polished fuel filler cap. The ultra-luxury British marque adds special badging on the fenders of the Continental models and the Flying Spur’s rear pillar.


The same motif also adorns the side sills and the seatbacks where the logo is embroidered. That swanky Palm Fluting pattern on the seats isn’t new but hasn’t been offered until now on a “mainstream” Bentley, provided there is such a thing. Deliveries to customers of the Edition 8 begin imminently.

Bentley has manufactured more than 53,000 Continental GT/GTC and Flying Spur cars since the current-generation 4.0-liter V-8 was launched in 2012. However, the Crewe-based company has been making V-8s since 1959 when the S2 came out. What comes next? The “Ultra Performance Hybrid” that was announced earlier this week. It’s a new V-8 with hybrid assistance and a combined output confirmed to exceed 740 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque.

The Flying Spur and Bentayga already offer a hybrid powertrain based around a smaller V-6 engines. The sedan gets a 2.9-liter unit while the SUV uses a slightly bigger 3.0-liter mill. Bentley mentions the Continental GT and GT Convertible are going to be electrified as well later this year, likely with that new Ultra Performance Hybrid.

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