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Bethenny Frankel Playfully Teases Daughter Bryn When Asked About ‘Nepo Baby’ Definition



Bethenny Frankel recently shared a lesson about privilege and nepotism with her daughter Bryn, 13. The former Real Housewives of New York City star revealed that Bryn asked her what a “nepo baby” is, prompting Frankel to tell her to look in the mirror. This term refers to individuals who benefit from having famous parents and easier access to opportunities in the entertainment industry. While some celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and Lily-Rose Depp have acknowledged the advantages of nepotism, they emphasize that talent and hard work are essential for success.

In a recent interview, Frankel discussed how the internet often focuses on an individual’s family connections rather than their talent when it comes to securing roles in Hollywood. While having famous parents may open doors, she believes that ultimately, one’s abilities and suitability for a role determine their success. Frankel, who shares Bryn with ex-husband Jason Hoppy, is protective of her daughter and quick to defend her against criticism. She made it clear that she will not tolerate any negativity towards Bryn’s fashion choices or her parenting skills, emphasizing the strong bond she shares with her daughter.

Despite her strong relationship with Bryn, Frankel recently faced personal challenges as she went through a breakup with Paul Bernon after six years of dating. The couple, who are said to be very different in terms of their personalities, decided to part ways amicably. While Frankel is known for her assertive and outspoken nature, especially when it comes to protecting her loved ones, she emphasized that she does not believe in physical altercations. However, when it comes to defending her daughter, she is ready to stand her ground and confront any critics.

As a public figure, Frankel has faced criticism and scrutiny from the media and internet trolls. Despite this, she remains resilient and confident in her parenting skills and her daughter, describing Bryn as a “nearly perfect” individual who is loving, spiritual, and intelligent. Frankel’s dedication to protecting and supporting Bryn shines through in her social media posts, where she openly expresses her love and admiration for her daughter. While navigating the challenges of parenthood and relationships in the public eye, Frankel remains focused on ensuring the well-being and happiness of her family.

In conclusion, Bethenny Frankel’s message about privilege and nepotism to her daughter Bryn reflects her values of hard work and merit in achieving success. While acknowledging the advantages that come with famous parents, Frankel emphasizes the importance of talent and dedication in pursuing one’s goals. Her protective nature towards her daughter and strong stance against criticism showcase her fierce love and commitment to her family. Despite facing personal challenges and the scrutiny of the media, Frankel remains resilient and unwavering in her support for Bryn, demonstrating the importance of standing up for loved ones in the face of adversity.

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