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Biden orders crackdown on most illegal immigrants as crossings spike ahead of election



The White House announced executive actions to address the surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border, including suspending entry once border encounters exceed a certain level. President Biden is implementing a presidential proclamation and a joint rule to restrict asylum eligibility. These actions are expected to help immigration officers quickly remove individuals who do not have a legal basis to remain in the U.S.

The decision to use authorities under the Immigration and Nationality Act is a significant move by the Biden administration, which has been criticized for rolling back Trump-era border protections. The order includes exceptions for visa holders, unaccompanied children, and those facing severe forms of trafficking or medical emergencies. Despite these exceptions, the administration hopes to curb the high number of migrant crossings that have occurred during Biden’s time in office.

While the administration acknowledges the need for congressional action to address the broken immigration system, Republicans argue that the executive actions are too little, too late. They claim Biden’s handling of the border crisis has been ineffective, with many voters expressing dissatisfaction with how the White House has improved border security. The move comes just months before the November election, adding political pressure on the administration to address the crisis.

Mayors of cities like New York City, Denver, and Chicago have demanded more federal funding and expedited work permits to address the situation at the southern border. A group of House Democrats also wrote to Biden, urging him to take additional action to improve security, interdict illicit fentanyl, and allow for orderly legal immigration. The administration hopes that these executive actions will strengthen consequences at the border and provide support to frontline personnel working to secure the border.

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