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Biden uses tactics from Trump’s immigration strategy in surprising election year move



President Joe Biden’s new immigration plan, unveiled at the White House, mirrors former President Donald Trump’s policies to slow down the flow of asylum-seekers from crossing into the US from Mexico. This plan uses executive authority similar to what Trump used in 2017 and 2018 to bar certain individuals from entering the US. This move is seen as an election-year twist since Biden had promised to revoke these actions during his 2020 campaign, which he did after taking office. Despite leaving progressives unhappy, this move could help Biden gain middle-ground support and possibly chip away at Trump’s lead on the immigration issue.

Despite their differing rhetoric, Biden and Trump are still far apart in their views on immigration. Biden aims to protect undocumented immigrants’ children and create a pathway to citizenship for those already in the US, while Trump demonizes migrants and asylum-seekers and promises a militaristic approach to border security and mass deportations. Biden’s recent executive action comes after a bipartisan border proposal failed to yield a permanent law to reform the asylum process due to Republican lawmakers refusing to work with the White House. Biden stressed that he will not adopt Trump’s rhetoric on immigrants but will try to make the system more humane.

Although Biden’s plan has drawn criticism from organizations like the ACLU, who plan to challenge it, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority may be more inclined to support it. Border crossings have already declined since Biden’s announcement, and the plan would prohibit migrants from seeking asylum if daily encounters surpass a certain threshold. Officials in border areas are concerned about the economic impact of measures to address the influx of asylum-seekers, noting that comprehensive immigration reform is needed rather than temporary solutions.

Interviews with victims of sexual violence waiting on the Mexico side of the border for asylum claims to be processed highlight the vulnerable position that migrants could be forced into with this new action. Part of the administration’s strategy has been to wait until after Mexico’s presidential election to announce the plan, recognizing the importance of Mexico’s cooperation in controlling the influx of asylum-seekers. Biden has emphasized working with Mexico rather than attacking, drawing a distinction from Trump’s approach. Polls show that Trump is favored by a significant margin on the issue of immigration, posing a challenge for Biden with voters.

In conclusion, Biden’s decision to adopt a more restrictive immigration policy mirrors aspects of Trump’s approach, raising concerns and drawing criticism from various groups. While the plan aims to control border crossings and address the asylum process, it faces challenges in finding a permanent solution and balancing economic considerations in border areas. Biden’s willingness to engage with Mexico and shift the rhetoric on immigration sets him apart from Trump but poses a challenge in gaining voter support on this issue. As the immigration debate continues, the effectiveness and implications of Biden’s actions will be closely watched and scrutinized.

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