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Bobby Brazier, 20, shares he wanted to leave Strictly Come Dancing due to dislike of fame following loss of mum Jade when he was young, which made him shy



Bobby Brazier, former EastEnders star and son of the late Jade Good, has revealed that he was uncomfortable with the attention and fame that came with being on Strictly Come Dancing. He shared that the loss of his mother at a young age made him shy and uninterested in the limelight, despite having a natural love for dancing and acting. Bobby confessed that he only felt at peace when he was at home and wanted to get voted off the show. Despite his struggles with fame, Bobby finished runner-up on the dance competition with his partner Dianne Buswell.

Jade Good tragically passed away in 2009 after battling cervical cancer, leaving behind Bobby and his brother Freddie, who she shared with their father Jeff Brazier. Bobby expressed that the loss of his mother may be the reason why he does not desire fame and fortune. He mentioned that he used to want to be famous when he was younger, but now his focus is solely on acting. Bobby’s time on Strictly Come Dancing brought him into the spotlight, which he found overwhelming, leading to his desire to be eliminated from the show.

Despite his aversion to fame, Bobby made headlines when he was spotted sharing a passionate kiss with Married at First Sight star Ella Morgan at the BAFTA Awards. The two had been exchanging private messages on Instagram and liking each other’s posts for months. Ella has reportedly been seeing a mystery man since February and their chemistry together at the BAFTA TV Awards has led to speculation that it could be Bobby. The pair were seen enjoying each other’s company at the after-party, unconcerned about being observed by their fellow EastEnders and Strictly co-stars.

Bobby’s relationship with Ella Morgan has sparked speculation among fans and the media, as they have been interacting on social media for months before their public display of affection at the BAFTAs. Ella, who was the first transgender bride to appear on Married at First Sight, has expressed admiration for Bobby’s dance skills on Strictly Come Dancing and hopes to participate in the show herself one day. The growing confidence and visibility that Ella has gained since appearing on MAFS have added to the intrigue surrounding her relationship with Bobby.

Bobby’s admission about his struggles with fame and his desire to focus on his passion for acting have given insight into his personal journey. His experience of losing his mother at a young age has clearly had a profound impact on his perspective on fame and the spotlight. Despite his reservations about being in the public eye, Bobby’s talent and charisma have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by his successful stint on Strictly Come Dancing. As he navigates his acting career and personal life, Bobby’s authenticity and dedication to his craft continue to shine through, captivating audiences and fans alike.

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