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Boeing jet engine on Air Canada flight erupts in flames: ‘Heart-stopping moment’



Social media erupted on Friday after a video was posted showing an Air Canada flight, AC 872, appearing to catch on fire. The flight had departed from Toronto and was headed to Paris with 389 passengers and 13 crew members on board. The video, shot by an onlooker on the runway, showed flames sparking near the engine as the aircraft ascended hundreds of feet in the air before landing safely. The incident caused fear and concern among social media users, with many expressing reluctance to fly after seeing the footage.

Air Canada addressed the concerns in a statement, explaining that the fire was caused by an engine issue known as a compressor stall. The aircraft landed normally and passengers were accommodated on another flight later that evening. The airline clarified that the flames seen in the video were not the actual engine on fire, but rather the result of disrupted airflow causing fuel to ignite further down the engine. The situation was quickly stabilized by the well-trained pilots, and the aircraft landed safely according to standard procedures.

Despite the tense moments captured in the video, many social media users commended the pilots and first responders for their handling of the situation. Some praised the professionalism displayed by all involved in safely landing the aircraft, while others expressed relief that the incident did not result in any serious injuries. However, some users questioned the recent spate of incidents involving Boeing planes, citing other recent mishaps such as the Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines incidents in May. The overall sentiment towards Air Canada was a mix of praise for the pilots and concern regarding the safety of air travel in general.

This incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with air travel, as unforeseen engine issues can arise even on modern aircraft like the Boeing 777. The quick and effective response by Air Canada’s pilots and crew highlights the importance of thorough training and preparedness in handling emergency situations. While social media reactions varied from fear to admiration, it is clear that incidents like these spark conversations about airline safety and the trust passengers place in airlines to ensure their well-being during flights.

As news of the Air Canada fire incident spread on social media, users shared their thoughts and concerns about the safety of air travel. The video footage, showing flames near the aircraft’s engine, caused alarm among viewers, leading to discussions about the reliability of aircraft engines and the response protocols in place for such emergencies. The quick and successful landing of the aircraft, despite the engine issue, was attributed to the skill and professionalism of the pilots and first responders involved in the incident.

Overall, the Air Canada fire incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of air travel and the importance of airline safety measures. While incidents like these can be unsettling, they also showcase the effectiveness of emergency response procedures and the dedication of airline personnel to ensure the safety of passengers. The mixed reactions on social media reflect the range of emotions evoked by such events, from fear and concern to praise and admiration for those involved in managing the situation. As air travel continues to evolve, incidents like these highlight the need for ongoing vigilance and preparedness to handle emergencies effectively.

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