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Boost your portfolio’s earnings with these expert strategies



In the current environment, investors seeking income have numerous options available to them. The Federal Reserve’s rate hikes have led to high yields on Treasurys, making dividend stocks an attractive choice for income investors. Dividend stocks not only provide a steady income stream but also offer stability during market volatility. U.S. dividends hit a record high in the first quarter of 2024, with many companies increasing their dividend payments or maintaining them. Wall Street experts are optimistic about dividend growth in the U.S., with a consensus expecting acceleration. When considering dividend investing, it is essential to look for companies with a history of raising dividends and ensuring they can support the dividend with earnings growth. Reinvesting dividends can also lead to significant returns over time through compounding.

Corporate bonds are another popular option within the fixed-income market for investors seeking income. Investment-grade corporate bonds offer attractive yields, with the ICE BofA US Corporate Index showing an effective yield of 5.56%. High-yield corporate bonds, on the other hand, carry a higher risk of default but offer higher yields as compensation. Financial advisors often recommend laddering bonds by staggering maturities to manage risk. Municipal bonds provide a combination of relatively safe yield and tax-free income, making them attractive investments, especially considering the potential for price appreciation when interest rates fall. Investors can benefit from tax-equivalent yield by comparing the yield of municipal bonds to that of taxable bonds to maximize returns.

Master limited partnerships (MLPs) are an alternative way to generate income, particularly for investors interested in the oil and gas sector. MLPs trade on exchanges like stocks and offer dividend yields upwards of 6%. These partnerships are structured in a way that allows them to offer higher yields by avoiding double taxation. However, investors should be prepared for added tax complexity when investing in MLPs. Derivative income funds, such as the JPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF, have gained popularity among investors looking to generate additional income through options strategies like selling call options. While these funds can provide additional income and buffer portfolios during market downturns, investors may not see the same level of upside compared to broader market gains.

Cash-secured puts are another options-oriented strategy that investors can consider to generate income. This strategy involves writing a put option and holding sufficient cash to buy the stock in case the put is assigned. While investors can earn premiums from writing put options, their potential profit is limited to the premium received. It’s essential for investors to understand the pros and cons of cash-secured puts and consider comparison shopping to find the best options-oriented strategy that aligns with their financial goals. Overall, investors have a range of opportunities available to generate income in the current market environment, from dividend stocks and corporate bonds to alternative strategies like MLPs and options strategies. By diversifying their income sources, investors can build a resilient income portfolio that can withstand market fluctuations and provide steady returns over time.

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