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Brinc reveals new 911 response drone capable of handling 25% of calls without police officers.



Brinc, a Seattle-based company, has introduced a new public safety drone called Responder that aims to assist police officers in responding to 911 calls more efficiently. This drone is specifically designed for Drone as First Responder (DFR) operations and can potentially eliminate the need for human intervention in certain situations. The system includes the Responder drone, a Responder Station to house the drone, and Brinc’s LiveOps software. The drone is equipped with high-definition cameras, a thermal sensor, and other features to help assess situations and provide critical information to resolve emergencies without dispatching officers. It can also be used to deliver medical supplies and handle low-priority calls.

According to Brinc, the Responder drone can resolve about 25% of 911 calls without the need for direct human response, thereby increasing efficiency and improving outcomes for emergency situations. The drone’s capabilities include identifying hot spots during structure fires, locating missing or injured individuals, and providing valuable information to operators at central command stations. It can also be equipped with lights, a siren, and markings to identify it to the public. In a fictional video created by Brinc in collaboration with Redmond police personnel, the drone is shown arriving first at the scene of a suspected gas station robbery, demonstrating its effectiveness in providing crucial information to resolve emergencies.

The use of drones in law enforcement is part of a larger trend to enhance efficiency and address staffing shortages in police departments. For example, the New York Police Department has announced plans to deploy 911 drones in partnership with Skydio, a competitor of Brinc. Other companies in the industry, such as Aerodome in Los Angeles, are also developing Drone as First Responder technologies. Brinc, with over $80 million in funding, aims to revolutionize public safety by empowering first responders with advanced capabilities that can significantly improve emergency response times and outcomes. The company has a policy against using its drones as weapons.

Brinc’s new system has already generated interest from more than 150 agencies, with four planning to launch the technology in cities such as Hawthorne, Calif., Schenectady, N.Y., and Queen Creek, Ariz., by the end of the year. The pricing for the system will depend on various factors, including the hardware and configuration needed by agencies. Brinc’s existing products, such as the Lemur 2 drone and Brinc Ball two-way communications device, are already being used by over 500 agencies to assist first responders in dangerous situations. By utilizing advanced drone technology, Brinc aims to transform the public safety landscape and provide critical support to first responders in emergency situations.

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