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British family left ‘terrified’ after being surrounded by a shark at a Spanish beach – as 27-year-old mother recounts how the predator ‘zig-zagged’ in the water and pursued her father



A British family had a terrifying experience while on holiday in Spain when they were circled by a shark while paddling in the sea at Playa Arenal d’en Castell. Jessica Kenny, 27, noticed the shark approaching her father, Darren, 57, who was swimming ahead towards some buoys. The lifeguards were quickly alerted, and red flags were raised to warn other beachgoers. Passers-by screamed, and children were evacuated from the sea while others were allowed to stay and film the shark.

Jessica described the moment when they first spotted the shark as she was joking around with her son, who was up to his waist in the water. Initially, they thought it was a joke until they saw the fin sticking out of the water. She ran out of the water with her son, while others on the beach initially laughed. The shark, believed to be a blue shark, started circling Darren as he swam back to the beach. Despite the scary experience, Darren was excited to have seen a shark at 57 years old.

Sharks are not uncommon in the region, and sightings near the shoreline do occur. The Arenal d’en Castell beach in Menorca is a popular destination known for being home to sharks. The family named the shark Freddie after the ordeal, and despite the initial scare, they left the beach feeling lucky to have witnessed such an event. Darren, who has always wanted to see a shark, was thrilled to have the experience while swimming with his daughter and grandson. This sighting marks the first shark encounter near a Costa beach this year.

The family left the beach an hour after the shark was first spotted, and lifeguards were still trying to chase it out of the area. This incident is not the first time a shark has been spotted off the coast of Playa Arenal d’en Castell, as a similar sighting occurred in June 2018 when swimmers were also banned from entering the water for the entire afternoon. Despite the scare, Jessica and Darren tried to calm her son down after the ordeal, with Darren emphasizing how lucky he was to have seen a shark at such a young age.

In conclusion, the shark encounter at Playa Arenal d’en Castell was a frightening yet thrilling experience for the British family. While the sighting caused panic among beachgoers, the family left the beach feeling lucky to have witnessed such a rare event. The lifeguards did their best to ensure everyone’s safety, and the family was grateful for the excitement of seeing a shark up close. This incident serves as a reminder of the diverse wildlife that inhabits the waters off the coast of Menorca and the importance of respecting the marine environment while enjoying the beach.

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