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Brothers killed in Queens murder-suicide, family members shocked by the tragedy.



A tragic event in Queens, New York has shocked the South Asian community as police investigate an apparent murder-suicide involving two brothers. The incident took place in Richmond Hill, where 33-year-old Karamjit Multani allegedly shot and killed his younger brother, Vipanpal Multani, before shooting their mother and taking his own life. The mother was grazed by a bullet but is expected to recover. The family was caught off guard by the violence, as they had been enjoying a quiet evening together before the sudden outburst.

The brothers’ father shared with CBS New York that the family had no knowledge that Karamjit owned a gun. He described the evening leading up to the tragic event as uneventful, with the family simply enjoying a pizza dinner. However, everything changed when Karamjit opened fire on his brother without warning. The father managed to escape and seek help from a neighbor, who found Vipanpal injured and in need of assistance. Despite the neighbor’s efforts, Vipanpal tragically passed away from his injuries that night.

The family is struggling to come to terms with the loss and the shocking nature of the violence. They described Karamjit as a devoted husband and father of three young children who appeared to have no signs of aggression towards his family. There were no apparent issues or conflicts between the brothers leading up to the incident, leaving the family and those close to them searching for answers. Friends and neighbors remember Karamjit as a kind, friendly individual who they never would have expected to commit such a violent act.

The motive behind the murder-suicide remains a mystery, with family, friends, and police alike grappling with the question of what could have driven Karamjit to such extreme actions. The father expressed disbelief and confusion as he tried to comprehend the loss of both his sons in one tragic event. He recalled that while there may have been minor disagreements between the brothers at times, there were no significant problems or conflicts that would have foreshadowed the devastating outcome. The community is left mourning the loss of two young lives and seeking solace in the midst of this senseless tragedy.

As the investigation continues, the South Asian community in Queens is left reeling from the unexpected violence and loss they have experienced. The tragedy has prompted questions about mental health and hidden struggles that individuals may be facing behind closed doors. The sense of shock and disbelief among those who knew the family is palpable, as they struggle to reconcile the image of a loving family with the devastating actions that took place. As the details of the case emerge, the community is left grappling with the complexities of human nature and the potential for darkness to surface even in the most seemingly ordinary of circumstances.

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