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Building Data Infrastructure for Biotech: A Startup Founder’s Journey from Expedia to Scispot



Satya Singh, a former data platform executive at Expedia who co-founded Scispot, a data infrastructure platform for biotech companies, recently shared his story on the Startup Project podcast. Singh’s journey started with a passion for data that began with numerology and eventually led to the creation of, a successful shoe business. His experience at Expedia, combined with insights from his brother, inspired him to start Scispot, which aims to bridge the gap between wet-lab and dry-lab data in biotech.

Singh’s interest in modern biotech was sparked by his brother, Guru Singh, who saw untapped opportunities for data products in the industry. According to Singh, a significant amount of biotech data remains unanalyzed due to various factors like paper-based processes and a lack of platform integration within labs. This realization led to the creation of Scispot, a platform designed to connect different data points from instruments to experiments and reduce the noise-to-signal ratio in biotech data.

After launching, Scispot was accepted into Y Combinator (YC), where Singh learned the value of market signals and prioritizing customer feedback over personal assumptions. The team’s ability to adapt to remote work during the pandemic laid a strong foundation for the company. Singh emphasizes the importance of building a profitable business and focusing on customer needs rather than solely chasing funding to ensure success in a challenging market climate.

Scispot approaches data management in biotech as a middleware that connects various tools within a customer’s tech stack rather than a single source of truth. This approach allows customers to build their own intellectual property, leverage foundation models, and ensure compliance while using Scispot’s platform. Singh describes Scispot’s platform as a data lake house for modern biotech, highlighting its unique positioning in the market.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Singh advises paying attention to customer needs and being open to changing plans, building a business that can stand on its own, and surrounding yourself with smart and supportive individuals who can help you succeed. By focusing on teamwork and customer satisfaction, entrepreneurs can create a solid foundation for their business. To learn more about Singh’s journey and Scispot, listeners can tune into the full conversation on the Startup Project podcast.

In conclusion, Satya Singh’s journey from numerology enthusiast to co-founder of Scispot showcases the power of following one’s passion and adapting to new challenges in the technology and startup industry. Through his experience at Expedia, Y Combinator, and beyond, Singh has learned valuable lessons about prioritizing customer feedback, building a profitable business, and surrounding oneself with a supportive team. As Scispot continues to make strides in the biotech industry, aspiring entrepreneurs can look to Singh’s story for inspiration and guidance on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

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