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Caitlin Clark expresses admiration for Dan Hurley, thinks it’s ‘cool’ he’s staying at UConn



Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever faced a tough loss against the Connecticut Sun, marking their third defeat this season against the top WNBA team. Clark, who had a strong performance in a previous game, struggled to replicate it this time, scoring only 10 points and playing limited minutes after accumulating fouls. Despite the disappointment, Clark commended UConn head coach Dan Hurley for turning down a lucrative offer from the Los Angeles Lakers to remain with the Huskies. She praised Hurley’s coaching style, particularly his accountability and ability to bring out the best in his players.

Hurley’s decision to stay with UConn rather than pursuing an opportunity in the NBA reflects his commitment to college basketball and his players. Clark expressed admiration for Hurley’s dedication to the program and the positive impact he has on his team. Following back-to-back National Championships, Hurley’s choice to continue coaching at the collegiate level is welcomed by fans and players alike. Clark, who is familiar with the college basketball landscape, recognizes the importance of Hurley’s decision for the sport as a whole.

The Indiana Fever’s loss to the Connecticut Sun highlighted their struggles against a top-tier team in the WNBA. Clark’s limited playing time and scoring output underscored the challenges the Fever faced in competing against a formidable opponent. Despite the defeat, Clark’s admiration for Hurley’s coaching style and commitment to his players stood out in her post-game comments. Hurley’s decision to remain with UConn instead of pursuing an opportunity in the NBA signifies his dedication to college basketball and his desire to continue impacting young athletes.

Hurley’s choice to reject a lucrative offer from the Los Angeles Lakers in favor of staying with UConn was met with praise from players like Clark, who appreciate his coaching philosophy and the positive influence he has on his team. As a successful college coach with a track record of winning National Championships, Hurley’s decision to continue coaching in the collegiate ranks is seen as a boon for the sport of basketball. Clark’s support for Hurley and her recognition of the impact he has on his players reflects a broader sentiment among fans and observers of the game. Hurley’s commitment to developing student-athletes and his dedication to his program are qualities that resonate with those who appreciate the values of college sports.

Clark’s comments on Hurley’s coaching style and the impact he has on his players provide insight into the qualities that make him a respected figure in college basketball. Hurley’s decision to remain at UConn rather than pursue an NBA opportunity demonstrates his loyalty to his players and his belief in the potential for success at the college level. As a prominent figure in the sport, Hurley’s choice to prioritize his collegiate coaching career over a lucrative NBA offer reaffirms his commitment to developing young talent and building a successful program. Clark’s admiration for Hurley’s coaching approach and her understanding of the significance of his decision reflect a broader appreciation for the values of college basketball and the impact of dedicated coaches like Hurley.

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