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Canadian Olympic marathon runner Malindi Elmore, a 44-year-old mother of 2, enthusiastic for her 3rd Olympics



Malindi Elmore, a 44-year-old mother of two, is training for her third Olympic Games this summer as a marathon runner for Canada. She previously competed in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, finishing in the top 10 in the marathon at the age of 40. Despite her busy schedule with kids’ activities, Elmore maintains a high level of athleticism and competitiveness. She is sponsored by Saucony and is the sole runner in Paris flying the company’s banner.

Elmore’s journey to Olympic success began in 2004 when she represented Canada in the 1,500-meter event at the Athens Olympics. After retiring in 2012 to focus on parenting, she discovered a newfound passion for triathlons, competing professionally and achieving impressive results. Following the birth of her second child, Elmore transitioned to marathon running, setting a Canadian national record in 2019. Her commitment to training alongside her husband, Graham Hood, who serves as her coach, has been instrumental in her success.

With her sights set on the Paris Olympics, Elmore is determined to achieve another top-10 finish in the women’s marathon. Balancing her training with parental responsibilities, she finds time to run whenever possible, from early morning sessions to fitting in runs during her children’s extracurricular activities. Elmore credits her children as a driving force behind her athletic pursuits, emphasizing the importance of setting personal goals while raising a family.

Elmore’s dedication serves as a source of inspiration for her children and the community, showcasing that age should not limit one’s ability to pursue challenging goals. As she prepares for the upcoming Olympics, Elmore looks forward to sharing the experience with her family, turning the event into a memorable vacation. Her commitment to excellence and perseverance exemplify the power of ambition and resilience, proving that with determination, anything is possible.

As the women’s marathon approaches at the Paris Olympics, Elmore’s story resonates as a testament to the strength and determination required to compete at the highest level. Her journey from retirement to Olympic success serves as a reminder that age is not a barrier to achieving one’s dreams. By setting an example of perseverance and dedication, Elmore embodies the spirit of the Olympic Games and inspires others to pursue their aspirations with unwavering resolve.

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