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Cancer survivor’s allergen-free cookie company thrives after a ‘life-changing’ health scare: The sky is the limit



Loren Castle is the founder and CEO of Sweet Loren’s, a cookie dough company that offers plant-based, gluten-free, nut-free, and non-GMO products. The No. 1 natural cookie dough brand on the market is sold in over 20,000 supermarkets. Castle’s journey began when she survived cancer at 22 years old, which forever changed her life. After feeling lost about how to feel better, she started studying nutrition and discovered that she could make healthy foods taste delicious with the right ingredients. Castle decided to start her own company, Sweet Loren’s, which offers allergen-free products that are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and non-GMO.

Castle hustled for many years in New York City, even taking her toaster oven, spatula, and cookie dough on the subway to demo her product at Whole Foods. Through feedback and suggestions, she was able to improve her recipe, packaging, and more. In 2018, Sweet Loren’s became an allergen-free brand, offering allergy-free breakfast biscuits with the same nutritional facts. The company is also planning to start offering pizza dough and puff pastries in the coming months. Castle believes that allergen-free products are not niche anymore, with a quarter of the population choosing to stay away from gluten.

Castle’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to surround themselves with smart and trustworthy mentors, have a great team supporting their business, and prioritize personal self-care. After a decade of working on her business, Castle is still passionate about it and sees it as her life’s mission. She believes that keeping up with personal self-care is essential to prevent burnout. Passion and dedication have driven Sweet Loren’s success and continued growth in the market.

Castle’s personal health journey and battle with cancer inspired her to create healthier alternatives to traditional sweets while making them taste delicious. She studied food to enhance her energy levels and health during chemotherapy, which led her to experiment with making her own cookie dough. Castle made hundreds of batches to find the perfect recipe and eventually decided to turn her passion for healthy baking into a business. Her positive attitude and determination helped her overcome the challenges of starting a company at a young age.

Sweet Loren’s success as a top natural cookie dough brand in the market is a testament to Castle’s dedication and hard work. The company’s commitment to providing allergen-free options for consumers with various dietary restrictions has expanded its reach and popularity. Castle’s story is an inspiring example of how resilience and creativity can lead to impactful entrepreneurship, even in the face of adversity. By offering a variety of delicious and healthy products, Sweet Loren’s continues to make a positive impact on the food industry and the lives of those with dietary restrictions.

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