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Caroline Leavitt Explores the Inspiration Behind her Writing



Author Caroline Leavitt recently appeared on CBS New York to discuss the inspiration behind her latest book, “Days Of Wonder.” In the interview, Leavitt opens up about the creative process that led her to write the novel and the personal experiences that influenced its storyline. She also talks about her efforts to support other writers through her organization, A Mighty Blaze.

Leavitt’s novel “Days Of Wonder” follows the story of a father and daughter as they navigate grief and loss in the aftermath of a tragic accident. The novel delves into themes of love, forgiveness, and the healing power of art and music. Leavitt draws inspiration from her own life experiences and emotions, bringing a sense of authenticity and depth to the narrative.

In addition to her work as a novelist, Leavitt is also dedicated to supporting other writers in the literary community. Through A Mighty Blaze, an organization she co-founded, Leavitt helps connect authors with readers and promote their work. She believes in the power of storytelling to bring people together and create empathy and understanding in the world.

Leavitt’s interview on CBS New York sheds light on the creative process and inspiration behind “Days Of Wonder.” By sharing her personal experiences and thoughts, she offers readers a glimpse into the heart and soul of her writing. Her dedication to supporting other writers through A Mighty Blaze reflects her commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive literary community.

As a bestselling author and advocate for writers, Caroline Leavitt’s insights and perspective on the writing process are sure to resonate with aspiring authors and readers alike. Through her work, she continues to inspire and uplift those in the literary world, showing the power of storytelling to connect people and create positive change. “Days Of Wonder” is a testament to Leavitt’s talent and passion for writing, weaving a compelling and heartfelt story that will stay with readers long after they turn the final page.

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