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Check your email: A startup aims to revolutionize workplace communication through video messages.



Emovid, a new Seattle startup led by former Evite CEO Victor Cho, is on a mission to revolutionize workplace communication by replacing written emails with asynchronous video messages. The focus of Emovid is strictly business correspondence, with the aim of providing a more authentic and impactful way for individuals to convey their messages.

The startup’s platform allows users to record and share video messages that can be viewed at a later time, eliminating the need for real-time video communication tools like Zoom or Teams. Emovid’s co-founders, Digvijay Chauhan and Rupali Pathania, bring a wealth of experience in technology and video content creation to the team.

Cho believes that a significant portion of the world’s email volume can transition to the format Emovid is building, as recording a spoken message is faster and more expressive than typing out lengthy emails. The platform does not require users to download an app, as videos can be recorded and shared directly from the Emovid platform accessible through a web browser.

Utilizing artificial intelligence and generative AI, Emovid is able to provide AI summaries and full transcripts of each video message. The platform also offers prompts to help users compose their messages and enhance the appearance of the video and speaker. Additionally, Emovid ensures authenticity by verifying the identity of the communicator and adding an “authenticity verified” seal to each video.

While past attempts at introducing video communication tools in the workplace have faced challenges in gaining widespread adoption, industry experts like Forest Key see potential in Emovid’s approach. Key believes that the use of video can enhance personal connections and trust in a way that traditional written communication cannot. Emovid is currently in the process of raising a seed round and accepting users on its waitlist.

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