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Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker could be benched for kickoffs this season as team adapts to new rules.



Last month, Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs was making headlines in the sports world due to the NFL’s new kickoff rules. These rules were introduced to make kickoffs safer and more strategic, taking inspiration from the XFL. Under the new rules, the ball is kicked from the 35-yard line with 10 players lined up at the opposing 40-yard line. The return team will have at least nine blockers in the “set-up zone” between the 30- and 35-yard line, with two returners inside their own 20-yard line. Only the kicker and two returners are allowed to move until the ball is touched or hits the ground.

Special teams coordinator Dave Toub of the Chiefs has considered using defensive back Justin Reid as a kicker due to his ability to cover, kick, and make tackles. Toub believes that having a player like Reid on the kickoff team can create confusion for the opposing team and force them to adjust their blocking schemes. While Reid is capable of handling kickoffs, Toub prefers to have him available for tackles rather than relying on Butker, the team’s regular kicker, to make tackles consistently throughout the season. This strategic approach aims to give the Chiefs an edge on special teams and make kickoffs more effective under the new rules.

Butker’s performance during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers in 2024 solidified his status as a hero for the team. He played a crucial role in the game by nailing a 29-yard field goal to send it into overtime, ultimately leading to the Chiefs’ victory. With this impressive display of skill and composure under pressure, Butker has established himself as a reliable and talented kicker for the team. His contributions on the field have consistently made a difference in critical moments, showcasing his value to the Chiefs’ success.

As the Chiefs begin their offseason organized team activities (OTAs), the new kickoff rules present an opportunity for the team to strategize and adapt to the changes in special teams play. By considering different options for handling kickoffs, such as utilizing players like Justin Reid in addition to Harrison Butker, the Chiefs can enhance their performance and create a competitive advantage. Special teams coordinator Dave Toub’s innovative approach to incorporating defensive players into the kicking game reflects a proactive mindset aimed at maximizing the team’s success on special teams and capitalizing on the new rules implemented by the NFL.

In conclusion, Harrison Butker’s role in the Kansas City Chiefs’ success on special teams has been significant, with his reliable kicking abilities and clutch performances in critical moments. The introduction of new kickoff rules by the NFL has prompted the team to explore different strategies, including using defensive players like Justin Reid on kickoffs to create confusion and gain an edge over opponents. By adapting to the changing landscape of special teams play, the Chiefs can position themselves for success in the upcoming season and enhance their overall performance on the field. With Butker’s proven track record and the innovative approach of special teams coordinator Dave Toub, the Chiefs are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the new kickoff rules and continue their pursuit of excellence in the NFL.

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