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China PREPARES An Armada To Invade Taiwan; Ukraine Strikes Russia | Breaking News With The Enforcer



Today, we learn that China is preparing an armada of Chinese Civilian Vessels for a potential invasion of Taiwan in the coming weeks. China’s escalation toward the island of Taiwan is increasingly rapidly with many military experts fearing the worst is yet to come. We also hear that Ukraine attacked another Russian Voronezh-M over-the-horizon radar in Orenburg region with kamikaze UAVs. Also we see video evidence of the Russians now dismantling the buoys separating Estonia from Russia AGAIN. Finally, we are getting word that the Baltic states and Poland will deploy troops to Ukraine in case of Russian successes on the frontline. Please hit the like and subscribe for more daily war updates.

Video Timestamps:
00:37 — Ukraine War Update
05:50 — Taiwan/China Update

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