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Citroen is Selling a Unique Two-Headed Van, and It Actually Makes Sense



The Citroen Relay Back to Back is a unique offering from the French automaker, designed to cater to third-party companies that build specialized vehicles such as campers, motorhomes, or emergency services vehicles. The main idea behind this configuration is to reduce production and shipping costs. By joining two vans together on a temporary structure, the Relay Back to Back eliminates the need for the usual chassis cab rear end, cutting down on manufacturing expenses.

Shipping costs are also reduced, as the Relay Back to Back takes up less space than two separate vehicles, and the front-wheel-drive design eliminates the need for driveshafts to be removed upon delivery. In addition to cost savings, this configuration offers greater flexibility to businesses, allowing them to customize the rear end of the vehicle without having to adhere to the factory-fitted cab chassis supplied by the automaker.

While the Relay Back to Back may look unconventional, it is a practical solution that benefits both the manufacturers and the end-users. The Boxer Back to Back, a similar model offered by Peugeot, follows the same concept. Both models come with their own engines, gearboxes, and VINs, making them essentially two separate vans converging only during transport. The starting price for these models is £36,018, or nearly $45,000 at current exchange rates. It is unclear whether this price is for one or both vans, and further clarification is awaited from Citroen and Peugeot.

Overall, the Relay Back to Back is a cost-effective and efficient solution for companies in the commercial vehicle industry that require customized vehicles for specific purposes. This unique configuration not only lowers production and shipping costs but also reduces waste and offers greater customization options for end-users. The Back to Back models from Citroen and Peugeot are a testament to innovative thinking in the commercial vehicle sector, providing practical solutions that meet the needs of both manufacturers and customers alike.

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