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Clarence Thomas describes receiving “nastiness” from critics, labels D.C. as a “hideous place”



Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently spoke at a judicial conference where he expressed frustration over the “nastiness” and “lies” he and his wife have experienced in recent years. Thomas criticized Washington, D.C., calling it a “hideous place.” The conservative Justice has faced criticism for allegedly failing to disclose gifts from a GOP donor and his wife, Ginni Thomas, has been scrutinized for her social media posts. Thomas emphasized the importance of not allowing critics to change who you are, despite their actions.

During the conference, Thomas discussed various topics, including the lessons he learned from his grandfather, his friendships with former colleagues, and his belief that court writings should be more accessible to the public. Despite being the longest-serving justice since 1991, Thomas expressed his distaste for Washington, D.C., noting that people in the district pride themselves on being “awful.” He shared that he and his wife enjoy RVing as a way to escape the toxicity of the city.

Thomas highlighted the impact of “reckless” individuals in Washington, D.C., who can harm one’s reputation without committing a crime. He emphasized the importance of using language in court rulings that the average person can understand, as he believes that everyday people are sometimes disenfranchised by the complex legal jargon used by the courts. Thomas also addressed the controversial issue of a loan obtained for his RV, which Senate Democrats claimed most of it was forgiven.

Despite facing criticism and scrutiny, Justice Thomas remains steadfast in his beliefs and values. He stressed the importance of not allowing others to change who you are and advocated for making court proceedings and rulings more accessible to the general public. Thomas expressed his distaste for the toxic culture in Washington, D.C., and emphasized the importance of spending time with regular people who do not pride themselves on causing harm or engaging in harmful behavior. Ultimately, Thomas remains dedicated to upholding the law and ensuring justice for all.

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