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Columbia University commencement ceremonies to start today following cancellation of main event



Columbia University is set to begin its graduation ceremonies with dozens of smaller ceremonies taking place instead of the main ceremony on the South Lawn. The decision to cancel the main commencement came after weeks of pro-Palestinian protests and turmoil on campus. Despite bringing in the NYPD for security concerns, officials decided to offer students smaller school-level ceremonies where they will be honored alongside their peers. The ceremonies will take place at the Baker Athletics Complex in Inwood, the new location for the majority of the graduations.

Efforts are being made to ensure that the ceremonies remain safe and respectful for all attendees. The series of ceremonies will begin on Friday and run until next Thursday, with tickets required for admission. The schedule includes ceremonies for various schools within the university, starting with the Professional Studies, Social Work, and Columbia Climate School ceremonies on Friday. The ceremonies will continue over the weekend and into the following week, taking place at different locations around the campus.

Christina Fan, a general assignment reporter for CBS2 News, reported on the upcoming graduation ceremonies at Columbia University. Fan joined the news team in the spring of 2019 and will likely cover the events leading up to and during the graduation ceremonies. The decision to hold smaller ceremonies instead of the main commencement has been met with mixed reactions, but officials are focused on ensuring the safety and success of the events for all attendees.

The graduation ceremonies at Columbia University are a significant milestone for students, faculty, and families involved. Despite the changes to the format of the ceremonies this year, the university is working hard to make sure that the celebrations are memorable and meaningful for all participants. With a diverse range of schools and programs represented, the ceremonies will showcase the achievements and hard work of the graduating students as they move forward into the next chapter of their lives.

As the ceremonies kick off, the excitement and anticipation are palpable among the graduating students. The smaller, more intimate ceremonies offer a unique opportunity for students to celebrate their accomplishments with their peers and loved ones. With a focus on safety and respect, Columbia University is committed to providing a memorable and meaningful graduation experience for all involved. Despite the challenges and obstacles faced leading up to the ceremonies, the university is determined to make the most of the situation and honor the achievements of its graduating students.

In conclusion, the graduation ceremonies at Columbia University are an important and special event for all involved. Despite the changes to the format this year, the university is dedicated to providing a safe and respectful environment for students to celebrate their accomplishments. With a diverse range of ceremonies taking place over the course of several days, Columbia University is ensuring that each graduating student feels honored and appreciated for their hard work and dedication. As the ceremonies commence, the university community comes together to celebrate the achievements of the graduating class and look towards a bright future ahead.

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