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Complete interview with Mondaire Jones | The Point with Marcia Kramer



Mondaire Jones, a Democrat, is vying for the seat held by Republican Rep. Mike Lawler in Rockland County. In a recent interview with CBS New York’s “The Point with Marcia Kramer,” Jones discussed his campaign platform and goals for the community. Jones highlighted his progressive policies, including supporting the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and criminal justice reform. He also emphasized the importance of racial equity and his commitment to fighting for marginalized communities. Jones’s passion for advocacy and his dedication to serving the people of Rockland County were evident throughout the interview.

During the interview, Mondaire Jones discussed his background and upbringing, explaining how his personal experiences have shaped his political views. Jones shared that he grew up in Section 8 housing and relied on food stamps to survive, giving him a unique perspective on issues related to poverty and inequality. He emphasized the need for policies that uplift working-class families and provide opportunities for economic advancement. Jones’s upbringing has motivated him to fight for social and economic justice, and he is committed to addressing systemic injustices that impact marginalized communities.

One of the key issues that Mondaire Jones addressed in the interview was his support for the Green New Deal. Jones emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change and transitioning to a more sustainable economy. He believes that investing in renewable energy and green infrastructure will not only create jobs but also combat the climate crisis. Jones’s commitment to environmental justice aligns with his broader progressive platform, which prioritizes policies that benefit both people and the planet. By advocating for the Green New Deal, Jones hopes to secure a better future for current and future generations.

In addition to his stance on environmental issues, Mondaire Jones also discussed his support for Medicare for All. Jones believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right and that all people should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. He criticized the current healthcare system for prioritizing profits over people and vowed to fight for a single-payer healthcare system that ensures universal coverage. Jones’s commitment to healthcare reform reflects his belief that government should prioritize the well-being of its citizens and provide essential services to all people, regardless of income or status.

Another important topic that Mondaire Jones touched upon in the interview was criminal justice reform. Jones highlighted the need to address systemic racism within the criminal justice system and called for measures to end mass incarceration and police brutality. He stressed the importance of investing in community-based alternatives to incarceration and providing support for individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. Jones’s commitment to ending racial disparities in the criminal justice system aligns with his broader goal of promoting equity and justice for all people. By addressing issues of racial injustice, Jones hopes to create a more inclusive and equal society for everyone.

Overall, Mondaire Jones’s interview with CBS New York’s “The Point with Marcia Kramer” shed light on his progressive platform and his dedication to serving the people of Rockland County. Jones’s passion for advocacy and his commitment to fighting for social, economic, and racial justice were evident throughout the interview. By outlining his policy proposals and discussing his personal background, Jones demonstrated his readiness to lead and his vision for a more equitable and sustainable future. If elected, Jones hopes to bring about positive change for the residents of Rockland County and advocate for policies that benefit all people.

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