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Could Americans Solve Tenerife’s Overtourism Issue?



Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, has experienced a surge in American tourists in recent years, with a significant increase in visitors from the United States compared to previous years. In an effort to combat overtourism and attract high-spending travellers, Tenerife has been focusing on promoting luxury experiences and enhancing connectivity with North America. The island’s commitment to sustainability has earned it the Biosphere certification as a sustainable destination, offering a blend of luxury and eco-friendly attractions to cater to every type of traveller.

Tenerife’s diverse landscapes and microclimates provide a range of activities for tourists, from Michelin-starred restaurants and 5-star hotels to UNESCO landmarks and adventure sports. The island’s emphasis on sustainable tourism is evident in the rigorous process of becoming a licensed tour guide, which requires knowledge of nature, culture, geology, history, tourism resources, and laws. With the increasing number of American tourists following the introduction of direct flights by United Airlines, locals in the tourism industry have noticed a rise in demand for experiences like bird-watching tours.

Despite the influx of tourists, Tenerife has been facing challenges with overtourism, leading to protests and calls to temporarily freeze tourist arrivals to address the issue. By shifting its focus towards attracting high-quality visitors and promoting exclusive, luxury experiences, Tenerife aims to strike a balance between tourism and sustainability. Initiatives like participating in luxury travel conferences in the United States and hosting journalists and travel agents are part of the island’s efforts to position itself as a top-choice destination for discerning travellers.

As Tenerife continues to seek growth in the North American market, the island’s tourism sector is looking to establish year-round nonstop connections for American travellers. By providing unique, high-quality experiences beyond its famous beaches and sunny weather, Tenerife hopes to solidify its position as a sought-after destination for luxury tourism. The combination of sustainability, luxury, and connectivity makes Tenerife an attractive option for travellers seeking an exclusive and memorable vacation experience on the ‘Hawaii of Europe.’

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