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Crowd in Omaha impressed by bronze bust honoring the late Charlie Munger at Berkshire meeting



Artist Yu Shu recently created a 24-inch tall bronze bust sculpture of the late Charlie Munger, which was displayed at the Omaha Marriott hotel during the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. The sculpture caught the attention of Berkshire shareholders as well as Munger’s daughter Wendy and his longtime executive assistant Doerthe Obert. Yu Shu, a real estate agent turned artist and Berkshire shareholder herself, was inspired to create the sculpture after hearing Warren Buffett’s advice about doing what you love. It took Yu 12 months and several attempts to complete the final version of the Munger bust, and she is currently working on creating sculptures of Warren Buffett.

The full-sized bronze busts of Charlie Munger are priced at $19,500 each, while half-sized cold cast bronze busts are available for $595. Yu Shu, who grew up in Chengdu, China and splits her time between Denver and Taiwan, sees creating bronze sculptures as a form of value investing that requires patience and persistence. A longtime Berkshire shareholder recently purchased the Munger bust displayed at the Marriott, with the intention of giving it to the Munger family.

Yu Shu had previously visited Munger’s home in Los Angeles in 2023 in hopes of meeting him and showing him the sculpture in progress. While she was unable to meet Munger, his executive assistant Doerthe Obert provided her with close-up shots of his profile to help with the sculpting process. Yu was deeply moved when Obert came down to the Marriott lobby to see the completed sculpture, even though they had never formally met before. The interaction highlighted the powerful impact that art and creativity can have on forging connections and relationships.

The admiration and respect that Yu Shu has for Charlie Munger is evident in the care and detail she put into creating the bust sculpture. Munger, who was a hero to Yu, was the perfect subject for her first sculpture, as his life and work reflected principles of patience and perseverance that are also essential in the world of value investing. Yu’s passion for art and Berkshire Hathaway led her to turn her love into a business, embodying Buffett’s advice to do what you love and never work a day in your life.

Through her work, Yu Shu brings art and investing together in a unique and impactful way, capturing the essence of influential figures like Charlie Munger in bronze sculptures that inspire admiration and respect. Her dedication to her craft and her subjects shines through in each sculpture she creates, and her connection to the Berkshire Hathaway community provides her with a platform to share her artistic vision with others. The purchase of the Munger bust by a Berkshire shareholder underscores the significance of Yu’s work and the lasting impact it can have on those who appreciate the artistry and the message behind each sculpture.

In conclusion, Yu Shu’s sculpture of Charlie Munger is a testament to the power of art to connect people and inspire admiration for influential figures. Her journey from real estate agent to artist reflects the transformative potential of following one’s passion and turning it into a successful business. Through her sculptures, Yu brings together art, investing, and personal admiration for figures like Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, creating pieces that resonate with viewers and collectors alike. The purchase of the Munger bust by a Berkshire shareholder demonstrates the lasting impact of Yu’s work and the emotional connections that art can create in the hearts of those who appreciate it.

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