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Decreased demand and stable oil prices result in cheaper gas for drivers.



Gas prices have seen a downward trend recently, with the national average now at $3.46 per gallon. This is a two-cent drop from last week and a 15-cent drop compared to last month. The decrease in prices can be attributed to low demand and an excess gas supply. Despite a slight increase in oil demand, analysts believe economic uncertainty may suppress demand this summer, potentially changing the typical robust summer driving season. Comparing multiple insurance quotes can help save hundreds of dollars per year.

Some states have seen larger fluctuations in gas prices than others. Ohio saw a 17-cent increase, while California, Nevada, and Alaska saw decreases of 10 cents. States like Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma have gas prices below $3, while others like South Carolina and Alabama pay just over that mark. Don’t overpay for car insurance; compare rates and lenders with Credible to find the best deal for your needs.

In a survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, over 60% of drivers expressed their willingness to accept anti-speeding technology in new cars. This technology would involve audible and visual warnings when a driver exceeds the speed limit. With over 12,000 deaths attributed to speeding in 2022, Americans are more open to protective measures to combat this issue. The survey also revealed that drivers are open to technology that restricts speeds or makes it difficult to push the accelerator pad.

Despite rising auto insurance rates, monthly car payments have actually been declining. It is important to compare auto insurance quotes, but this process can be time-consuming. Credible’s partners can help streamline the search for the best insurance rates, saving you time and potentially hundreds of dollars. If you have any finance-related questions, you can email The Credible Money Expert at [email protected] for expert advice and insights.

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