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Democratic group begins $25 million advertising campaign targeting Trump on abortion



A Democratic super PAC, the American Bridge 21st Century, is launching a $25 million advertising campaign targeting swing voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The ads feature voter testimonials on former President Donald Trump’s role in curbing abortion access and are part of a larger $140 million effort to persuade voters to reject Trump’s bid for the White House. President Joe Biden flipped all three states in 2020, making them crucial battlegrounds for the upcoming election.

The ads, which will specifically target women voters in rural and exurban areas, aim to utilize emotional stories to sway election outcomes following the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022. American Bridge co-founder Bradley Beychok stated that the group has hundreds of voters ready to share their stories on the devastating impact of another Trump presidency. The nomination of three conservative justices by Trump paved the way for the Dobbs decision overturning federal abortion rights, making it a key issue in the upcoming election.

While Trump has taken credit for the court’s action, he has also stated that decisions on abortion access should be left to the states. In one of the ads, a Wisconsin woman named Anna, an OB-GYN and mother of two, tearfully shares her experience of terminating a pregnancy that would not survive. The ads juxtapose Trump’s statements with those of the voters, highlighting the personal impact of his policies and decisions on their lives.

The American Bridge ads are aimed at various groups of voters, including moderates, swing voters, conservatives skeptical of the hard-right Republican rhetoric, and “double doubters,” who are not enthusiastic about either Trump or Biden. The group has allocated a $200 million budget for anti-Trump efforts in the 2024 election, with plans for another wave of testimonial-style ads in the battleground states this summer. The goal is to highlight the potential consequences of a Trump presidency on abortion rights and other key issues.

Overall, the American Bridge 21st Century super PAC is leveraging voter testimonials to create emotional connections and persuade swing voters in critical battleground states to reject Trump’s bid for the White House. By highlighting the personal stories of individuals impacted by Trump’s policies, the ads aim to demonstrate the potential consequences of another Trump presidency. With a significant budget and strategic targeting, the group is positioning itself to play a key role in shaping the narrative and outcome of the 2024 election in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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