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Devin Haney’s Father Calls for Ryan Garcia to Exit Boxing, Alleges Floyd Mayweather Provided PEDs



Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia competed for the WBC super lightweight title, but Garcia was unable to make weight for the fight. Despite this, the bout proceeded without the title on the line, and Haney retained his championship status. However, it was later revealed that Garcia had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, leading Haney’s father to call for a lifetime ban for Garcia due to his erratic behavior inside and outside the ring.

The showdown between Haney and Garcia took place on April 16, 2024, at The Empire State Building in New York City. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Bill Haney expressed his belief that Garcia should be removed from the sport of boxing entirely. He accused Floyd Mayweather of providing Garcia with the banned substances, calling for Mayweather to come forward and answer for his involvement in the situation.

Following the news of Garcia’s positive drug test, deleted social media posts from Garcia revealed controversial statements about steroids. However, Garcia’s camp released a statement insisting that he had never intentionally used any banned substances and that his supplements had been contaminated. They cited negative test results leading up to the fight and ultra-low levels of the substance in question as evidence of contamination rather than intentional doping.

Garcia tested positive for Ostarine, a substance that promotes muscle growth and has been banned by the Anti-Doping Agency since 2008. The ongoing investigation by the New York State Athletic Commission aims to determine the source of the contamination and verify Garcia’s claims of unintentional use. Despite the positive test, Garcia’s victory over Haney in their match was a surprising turn of events due to his behavior leading up to the fight that led many to doubt his readiness.

In conclusion, the fallout from Ryan Garcia’s positive drug test has sparked controversy within the boxing world. Devin Haney’s father has called for Garcia to be banned from the sport for life, alleging that he was supplied with banned substances by Floyd Mayweather. While Garcia’s camp maintains that he unknowingly consumed contaminated supplements, the investigation into the matter continues. Despite these challenges, Garcia’s victory over Haney remains a significant moment in the sport, overshadowed by the implications of the positive test.

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