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Diamondbacks pitcher Paul Sewald criticizes disrespectful Mets fan after altercation.



Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Paul Sewald recently returned to Citi Field to pitch against his former team, the New York Mets. After closing out a 10-5 victory for the Diamondbacks, Sewald got into a shouting match with Mets fans, who were apparently disrespectful and vulgar towards him. Sewald expressed disappointment that the fan behavior reminded him of the hardships he faced during his time with the Mets.

Sewald shared his frustration with the New York Post, mentioning that the fan was swearing and chirping at him in front of children, which he found unacceptable. He did not disclose the exact words used by the fan but emphasized that it was inappropriate behavior. Despite feeling disrespected, Sewald acknowledged that he also said things in the heat of the moment that he would not want publicized.

Returning to Citi Field in 2022 and now in 2024, Sewald has faced backlash from Mets fans, which has fueled his competitive drive on the mound. Despite the hostile reception, Sewald has excelled in his performances this season, boasting a 1.23 ERA and seven strikeouts in eight appearances. Although he struggled in the World Series against the Texas Rangers, Sewald has shown resilience and determination in bouncing back.

The Diamondbacks snapped a five-game losing streak with their victory over the Mets, but the team’s overall record of 26-32 places them in fourth in the National League West. Sewald’s strong pitching has been a bright spot for the team, showcasing his ability to rise above adversity and perform at a high level. As he continues to excel on the mound, Sewald remains focused on contributing to the success of the Diamondbacks and proving himself on the field.

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