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Did you notice Taylor Swift wearing different colored shoes on the set of ‘1989’?



Taylor Swift has been making headlines with her mismatched aesthetic during her Eras Tour’s 1989 section. The pop star recently performed in Paris, sporting a sparkly pink crop top and a bright blue miniskirt, paired with one heeled Christian Louboutin bootie in each color. She continued to switch up her look the next day, opting for an orange bustier and lilac skirt, again wearing mismatched Louboutin heels in orange and purple.

Swift kicked off her Eras Tour in March 2023, wearing a Roberto Cavalli two-piece with crystal beads for the 1989 era. The ensemble was monochromatic and perfectly matched with a pair of sequin Louboutin ankle boots. Fans have been buzzing about the unique footwear choices, with speculation about potential hints for surprise songs in the setlist based on the boot colors.

During each Eras show, Swift performs two acoustic renditions of songs not already included on the setlist. She initially had rules for the acoustic section but decided to reset her options when she started the international leg of the tour in November 2023. Swift joked about her newfound freedom to do whatever she wants during the performances, adding an element of surprise for both herself and her fans.

Many Swifties have been excited about the new footwear trend and have been speculating about future variations and color choices for the 1989 sets. There is anticipation surrounding potential surprise songs based on the mismatched boot colors and how they might correlate to the acoustic section of the show. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see what other surprises Swift has in store for the remaining concerts on the Eras Tour.

Swift’s unique fashion choices and unexpected pairings have garnered attention and praise from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. The Grammy winner’s ability to reinvent her wardrobe for each era of the tour showcases her creativity and willingness to take risks with her style. Swift’s eclectic mix of colors, textures, and accessories have made her outfits stand out and become a talking point among her fans.

As Swift continues to captivate audiences with her performances and unique style, fans eagerly await each show to see what surprises she has in store. The Eras Tour has been a platform for Swift to showcase her versatility as an artist, both musically and visually. With her mismatched aesthetic and unexpected fashion choices, Swift continues to push boundaries and keep her fans guessing about what will come next.

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