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DII football coach accuses Colorado of tampering; Buffaloes staff member claims player was deceived online



In a recent social media post, Colorado State-Pueblo football coach Philip Vigil accused Deion Sanders and his staff at the University of Colorado of tampering with one of his commits. Vigil posted screenshots of what appeared to be a text message exchange between one of his future players and Colorado’s assistant director of player personnel, Devin Rispress. The conversation showed Rispress asking the player if he was fully committed to CSU-Pueblo and suggesting that he consider switching commitments. The player responded that he would need to discuss the potential move with his family, and the conversation ended with the coach expressing hope that the player would make the switch in the future.

Vigil took to social media to call out the Colorado program, questioning whether their actions constituted tampering. He tagged Sanders in his post and asked for clarification from the NCAA and the Big 12 Conference. However, Rispress denied that the exchange ever took place, claiming that someone had impersonated him. He responded to Vigil’s post, accusing him of being catfished and suggesting that Vigil should have reached out before publicly shaming the program. After receiving this response, Vigil decided to delete his original post, stating that it was his responsibility to support his players and allow the NCAA to investigate the situation and other similar behaviors in college athletics.

The University of Colorado declined to comment on the situation, while CSU Pueblo expressed support for Coach Vigil’s dedication to the university and its football program. Both institutions look forward to the NCAA examining the alleged tampering incident. Sanders and Vigil are beginning their second seasons with their respective schools, with Colorado coming off a 4-8 season and CSU-Pueblo finishing 8-3 and placing third in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. The controversy between the two programs adds another layer of intrigue to their upcoming seasons, as they navigate the competitive landscape of college football.

The incident underscores the importance of ethical recruiting practices in college athletics and the potential consequences of tampering with committed players from other programs. It also highlights the increasing role of social media in shaping public perceptions of these types of controversies and the need for transparency and accountability in addressing such issues. As the NCAA investigates the situation, both Colorado and CSU-Pueblo will be closely monitoring the outcome and taking steps to ensure that their programs uphold the highest standards of integrity and fairness in their recruitment efforts.

Moving forward, it will be crucial for both schools to reinforce their commitment to ethical recruiting practices and maintaining respectful relationships with other programs in the college football landscape. By working to prevent incidents of tampering and promoting a culture of fairness and sportsmanship, coaches like Sanders and Vigil can set a positive example for their players and demonstrate the values of integrity and respect in the competitive world of collegiate athletics. As the story continues to develop, all eyes will be on how the NCAA responds and how the involved parties move forward in addressing the fallout from this contentious situation.

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