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Do You Love Cars? Purchase This Book!



Car enthusiasts and automotive writers alike are excited about the release of a new anthology by renowned writer Sam Smith. Although Motor1 strives to remain unbiased in their reviews, it’s impossible to ignore the quality of this collection. Objectively, it’s a book, but subjectively, it’s a must-read anthology from one of the best automotive writers in the industry.

Sam Smith’s writing style is unique; he brings passion, humor, and humanity to his work. His anthology features more than 400 pages of original writing, alongside some of his favorite pieces from various magazines and websites. Sam’s ability to convey his love for cars and share captivating stories with his readers is truly commendable.

An excerpt from the book reveals a moment in Sam’s life when he made a major mistake while driving a Ford GT. Despite facing the possibility of losing his job, he was surprised to find out that his boss valued his writing skills above all else. This incident serves as a turning point in Sam’s career, highlighting the importance of his talent as a writer.

Sam’s encounter with the Ford GT showcases the challenges and risks associated with driving high-performance vehicles. The lack of stability control in the 2005-2006 Ford GT made it a demanding car to handle, especially for inexperienced drivers. Sam’s moment of overconfidence led to a near-catastrophic situation that could have ended his career.

The anthology features five themed sections, each with an introductory and lightly biographical essay written by Sam. These sections offer a glimpse into Sam’s experiences and insights as an automotive writer. Whether you are a longtime fan of Sam’s work or a newcomer to his writing, this anthology promises to captivate and entertain readers with its engaging stories.

In conclusion, Sam Smith’s anthology is a must-have for anyone who appreciates well-crafted automotive writing. From humorous anecdotes to thought-provoking reflections, Sam’s collection of stories offers a unique insight into the world of cars and the people who love them. Whether you are a seasoned car enthusiast or simply enjoy a good story, Sam’s anthology is sure to delight and inspire readers of all backgrounds.

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