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Dodgers fans dominate Yankee Stadium during group outing



The Los Angeles Dodgers are in New York this weekend for a highly anticipated series against the New York Yankees, reigniting one of the oldest rivalries in baseball. The Dodgers haven’t had this many fans in New York since the team moved from Brooklyn in 1957. Despite not facing off in the World Series since 1981, the Dodgers and Yankees have met a record 11 times in the Fall Classic, with eight of those matchups occurring when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn.

Friday night’s game had a postseason atmosphere, with the Dodgers squeaking out a 2-1 victory in 11 innings. Dodgers fans were scattered throughout Yankee Stadium, but Saturday saw a full-blown invasion of the Bronx by members of the Dodgers’ fan group, Pantone 294, named after the team’s primary shade of blue. A photo surfaced of the group lined up outside Billy’s Sports Bar hours before the game, with reports stating that up to 5,000 members were part of the Bronx takeover. The group also made a similar trip to New York in 2016.

The atmosphere at Yankee Stadium was electric as the Dodgers and Yankees faced off in the second game of the series. The Dodgers got the first laugh on Friday night, snapping the Yanks’ eight-game winning streak. The matchup on Saturday featured Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes facing off against the Dodgers’ Gavin Stone. The intense rivalry between these two historic franchises has captured the attention of baseball fans across the country.

The presence of so many Dodgers fans in New York has sparked discussions and debates among both fan bases. The split merchandise at the games has prompted strong reactions, with some fans expressing outrage at the sight of opposing team gear in their stadium. The passionate rivalry between the Dodgers and Yankees continues to draw attention and excitement, making this weekend’s series a must-watch for baseball fans.

The invasion of Dodgers fans in New York is reminiscent of the days when the team was based in Brooklyn and faced off against the Yankees in classic World Series matchups. The historic rivalry between these two teams has endured the test of time and continues to captivate fans with its blend of tradition and competition. As the series between the Dodgers and Yankees unfolds, fans are treated to thrilling games and memorable moments that showcase the best of baseball.

The intense competition between the Dodgers and Yankees is a testament to the rich history and tradition of the sport. Both teams boast passionate fan bases who support their squads with unwavering loyalty. The invasion of Dodgers fans in New York serves as a reminder of the deep connection that fans have with their favorite teams and the unique camaraderie that sports can foster among individuals from all walks of life.

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