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Donald Trump’s chances of becoming the next US president increase despite guilty verdict in hush money trial



Despite the guilty verdict in his historic hush money trial, online gambling data has revealed that Donald Trump is still favored to reclaim the White House. Nearly half of punters on Betfair Exchange are backing Trump to defeat Joe Biden in the November 5 election, with roughly £638,000 being wagered in the last 24 hours. Trump has consistently led in the polls for months and is currently given odds of 6/4 to win, despite the guilty verdict.

Following the verdict, Biden’s odds have widened from 9/5 to 6/4, but he still trails behind Trump. The guilty verdict seems to have energized Trump’s base, fueling new campaign contributions and messages of support from his Republican and foreign allies. Trump has denied any wrongdoing and claims the trial was rigged and politically motivated.

Trump has returned to the campaign trail and launched attacks on the judge, prosecution witness, and criminal justice system. He has branded the guilty verdict as a scam and has vowed to appeal. Trump has criticized Biden and his administration for allegedly being behind the trial, claiming he is under a gag order from someone who can’t put two sentences together.

Despite Trump’s fiery response, Biden has remained calm and focused on upholding the principles of the justice system. He affirmed that no one is above the law and highlighted the impartiality of the jury that found Trump guilty on all 34 felony counts. Biden emphasized the importance of respecting the judicial process and criticized Trump’s claims of a rigged trial.

Trump and his campaign have raised significant funds following the verdict, with donations pouring in. Allies like Nigel Farage have come out in support of Trump, while others have been cautious in their reactions. The guilty verdict has sparked a wide range of responses, with some calling it a victory for justice while others see it as politically motivated.

As Trump faces sentencing and a likely appeal, he is expected to focus on his legal troubles throughout his campaign. He has repeatedly claimed that the charges against him were orchestrated by Biden to keep him out of the White House. Trump’s upcoming debates with Biden, announcement of a running mate, and acceptance of the Republican nomination at the RNC will be crucial moments in his campaign leading up to the election.

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